Mission: Mouth of Disney


“It’s a Small World After all….”

This past week has proved just that!    I  could have done without my husband almost dying to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, but it just want to show me that no matter how many years have past and how many countries we have lived in, that in the end friends will meet up once again.

When we arrived at LARMC in Landstul, Germany we were met my Dita & Jason R. (DRC Congo 2013).  After getting Mike settled into ICU and me in the Fisher House I was able to relax a bit and friends came up to see us and check on Mike-Stephanie D (Stuttgart,Germany 2015) and Elva & Daniel R.  (Stuttgart, Germany 2014).  Once Mike was out of ICU and put onto a normal ward, I went to the mall to chill and do some retail therapy.  There I saw a handful of people I knew form Stuttgart days where I children had sports and classes with.  Once Mike was  out of the hospital we went to the mall for dinner.  We saw Shaun & Rebecca W (Heidelberg, Germany 2010) at random with their two kids.  It was like there were no years missing in between us…other than her kids are huge and no longer babies.   Then the last night in Germany,Mike C. (2005 RAF Molesworth England) came to spend the evening with us.

These friends that we have run into on accident or on purpose have proven the world is small and the military family even smaller.  With each of these people, it was if we had never left and we just had not seen each  other for a few days and we have picked up where we left off.

Being in the military, we are away from family and normality, but friends like these make it”family” and no one knows family/friends better than our military community!


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