Mission: Resilient Army Brats


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Did you know April is The Month of the Military Child?

The official flower of the military child is the dandelion. Why? The plant puts down roots almost anywhere, and it’s almost impossible to destroy. It’s an unpretentious plant, yet good looking. It’s a survivor in a broad range of climates. Military children bloom everywhere the winds carry them. They are hardy and upright. Their roots are strong, cultivated deeply in the culture of the military, planted swiftly and surely. They’re ready to fly in the breezes that take them to new adventures, new lands, and new friends.

All 3 of my kids were born in different countries (USA, France & England).  They have lived in more places than one can imagine and have traveled to more countries than most peoples’ luggage (even if the luggage was rerouted).  They have met friends, lost friends, have had to say good-bye to more people than anyone should ever have to-yet my kids are tough, resistant and flexible.  They have been friendship ambassadors,they have been the new kid in school, they have been the target of bullies, athletes and inventors.   My kids have their flaws like all kids do, but my kids are who they are thanks  to the military and living overseas their entire lives.    Even after Mike retires, they willl ALWAYS be a MILITARY CHILD!   ❤


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