Mission: Enemy Retreat

Only in a third world country will a vet come to do house calls.    In all of the places we have lived, the 3 3rd world assignments we have been in, all the vets have made house calls and even have done surgery outside on the front porch!    That just screams “3rd World!!”

We got our lab, Nola from Frankfurt 7 years ago and from there she has been with us on all of our tours.  She was fixed in Germany,  got dehydrated and had to have IVs in DRC Congo and recently had to have a tumor removed in Ethiopia.   I am grateful that though we are remote, we can still get care of our furbaby.

Nola had this mass at her back end…yup, pup got back!…..but it was not an infected gland and it just kept getting bigger, so I called the local vet who was happy to do the surgery on Monday.   When he brought her back, he was so excited and said “look at this!  This is tumor, I took it out of your dog!”   Yes, not only did he bring Nola back home after surgery, but he brought the damn tumor with him to show us!  I cannot make this up!   He was also proud to show us the pictures his daughter took while he was preforming surgery!  Ok, so I showed the kids, they thought it was cool and I threw it in the outside garbage…what was I to do with it, put it in a jar for safe keepings?!?!?!

Since the surgery the doctor comes daily to repack the ‘hole’ in her bum with gauze and antibiotics…yes, he turns my front porch once a day into  a surgical table…no worries; but yesterday as I go to throw the nasty gauze away he tells me “no, it is bio-hazard, I have to take it back to my house!  Are you kidding me?    You bring over a 2lb tumor and leave it here, but I cannot throw away nasty gauze?!   I just had to laugh!   Gauze be gone!!!


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