Mission: Insane in the Brain

I know I am not the only one out there as a handful of my military spouse comrades are the same…..overloaded with family, school, household and we keep adding more!     Most people just do not get it, but as a military spouse, I multi-tasked and just push on.

Case in point: We are currently planning to move from Ethiopia in 34 days, I am packing up the house, trying to get the kids’ report cards from here, register them in a new school in the US, buy a house, set up shop all awhile trying to o find a job and keeping things as little as stress can be here in Ethiopia…..but yet, I just add more stuff  to my already crazy schedule.

Tomorrow I am hosting a Diplomatic Charity Event at our house.  I have the local brewery and vineyard donating all of the alcoholic drinks, but for the life of me could not find anyone to donate the food.  So on top of the 120 people (Ambassadors, Diplomats and Ethiopian Government Officials), I am now cooking for this event.   Many of my local friends think I have lost my mind, but for me, this is normal.

As military spouses, we learn to work under pressure, we are use to last minute changes that we have to implement within 24 hours or less, we take the resources we have and make amazing meals and parties….we multi-task, are flexible and strong and through this, we come out stronger (and exhausted) and we put a smile on our face and can’t wait for the next event.   Cause we all know, even if it is not on the calendar, one will pop up within the next 2 weeks!


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