Mission: Hurry Up & Wait

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Hurry Up & Wait….this has been the norm in Africa as a whole.   No matter what country we are in or how many years we have lived in Africa, this is the NORM!   You would think with this being our 2nd tour in Africa that I would be use to it, but, NOPE!    It drives me nuts!   We have lived in DRC Congo & Ethiopia and have traveled to Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia and Dj and it is all the same, you tell someone a time, you pack up the kids and the car and rush to the meeting point, only to sit forever and wait until they show up.   I have waited up to 3 hours before and then left.   The biggest pet peve I have is waiting on someone!!!    If we set a distinctive time, then be there at that time!   It is easy!      Case in point, yesterday I drive up to the orphanage.  I told the director 0900 arrival.  Not only did she show up at 10am, but then she had to have coffee and snacks before we could go to the kindergarten or talk business.    People here do not respect others’ time.  Time is precious, we have a lot of things to do, yes, I am a house wife, but I have cooking, running errands, being their for my kids’ events.   Respect time and do not take advantage of others’ time.  This will be one of the biggest things I will NOT MISS about this place!


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