Mission: Monkey Business


Africa…yes, the continent.   I do not know how many people think Africa is a country…it’s a continent people!   After you tell people you live in Africa, their next questions usually contain something about animals and how many monkeys we have as pets.   I have heard this more than I could possibly count.   Most people think of Africa as tribal people running around half naked, with spears, lions, leopards, zebras and giraffes strolling the streets and monkeys everywhere…yes, that is some places of Africa, but Africa is HUGE!    If you were to fly from Egypt (North) all the way to Cape Town, South Africa (south) non-stop, it would take you 10 hours!!!    Africa is massive and there are wild animals roaming the national parks and Serengeti, but not where we have lived.

Our first Africa tour was DRC Congo.    Congo is known for the Bonobos, but where we were, they were caged in a sanctuary.  The wild ones were in the East where we were not allowed to go, however, we did have cheeky moneys that got brave from time to time.   They would mess with Nola and all she wanted to do was play with them, but this one money would come out and steal beer.  Yes, BEER!    While on a hash in the middle of nowhere Congo, we stopped for a break.  As everyone was out of water, there were only hot beers available, so hot beer it was.  I put my beer down to get the camera out and this monkey jumped from the top of my chair, to the table and started drinking.   I can not make this stuff up!    Well, I snatched my beer from him, wiped the rim and finished the beer.   I know you think I am nuts, but with 8 miles to walk back and no water left, you damn right I was going to drink my beer that the monkey started!    That money got mad and started shitting his chest, so I feed him Starburst and it shut him up!   Hahaha!


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