Mission: Out of National Geographic


When you land in Ethiopia you are hit hard in the face by reality.  It is crazy, it is crowded, it is dirty, people are selling stuff everywhere and you cannot even turn 10 degrees without someone asking you for money, but this is the norm, this is Ethiopia.   After leaving the airport you step into a National Geographic magazine.   People are everywhere, there is mass chaos, and everything you see is what you only have read about in the magazine.

The people (mostly women) carrying items on their heads and backs for miles at a time just to make a few $$$s while the men stay at home and do the sewing and limited labor.  Here,  the women do the heavy work, they work in the fields, they go and fetch water and carry it for miles in the heat and sun uphill,the go into the forest,cut down trees for timber and bring it to the markets in town to sell and the every next day they do it again.  This is life for them, this is the norm here, this is their way of life.   You get a sense of it when you are here, but to truly get the experience, you need to jump from those pages and emerge yourself with the people, culture, ways of life here in Ethiopia.


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